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Check out the career advancing benefits of belonging to our Association of specialized Massage Therapists.

Professional Development

      • Opportunities to work at high levels of sport.
      • Notification of relevant upcoming practical courses around the country.
      • Invitation to the annual Provincial and National Conferences.
      • Take our signature course; Advanced Sport Massage Therapy Techniques.
      • Notification of Chapter Symposiums or Special Events.
      • Access to recommended reading resources and programs, relevant to a sport massage therapy career.
      • Free, informal ½ day workshop/course/conferring/topical Q&A’s (Ontario only)


      • Exposure to other sport healthcare professionals such as; sport massage therapists, Athletic Therapists, Sport Physiotherapists, Sport Chiropractors and Sport Medicine Doctors.
      • Notification of Event opportunities to work and learn alongside other sport healthcare professionals.
      • Access to Members only social media for real time Q & A’s and support.


      • Get partnered with a current Certified Sport Massage Therapist. (Mentor)
      • Your Mentor guides you through the certification process.
      • Improve and add to your knowledge and skill set.
      • Learn in a supportive environment.
      • Leadership: A Mentor will share their experiences to help you better prepare for your career as a Certified Sport Massage Therapist (C) 

National Recognition

      • Opportunity to be selected for the core medical team for major games such as; Olympics/Paralympics, Major International Games and other Championships in Canada and abroad.
      • Opportunity to obtain the nationally recognized designation of Certified Sport Massage Therapist – SMT(C)

Giving Back

      • Volunteer with Chapter or National levels as a committee member, Chair or Executive.
      • Take part in the shaping and growth of the CSMTA by attending AGM’s.
      • Help drive the CSMTA forward and increase our reach by promoting awareness of our vision and mission.
      • Volunteer at sport events to ensure proper care of athletes.
      • Promote the validity, knowledge and need for Sport Massage Therapist within the sporting community.
      • Advocate for the Sport Massage Therapists’ rightful position alongside other sport specialized healthcare professionals.


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